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Sales increase overall by 30 percent within the first week of advertising. Thanks Danny.

There's just one problem. We got so many inquiries and we are working overtime.

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Great service and very powerful ideas. Will recommend friends.

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Whenever buyers search for your product keywords on Google, Bing and Yahoo locally, or from anywhere in
the world, we will place you in the search results. More targeted visitors translate into greater sales !
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Your ads will start running within 24 hours of payment. Visitor numbers are conservative. In most cases, we over-deliver by 20 to 30 percent.


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Keyword Advertising Taiwan   

1) Could you briefly explain your unique keyword bidding optimization strategy and the background

Adwords Agency
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From the above graph, we can make the following deductions:

  • When you bid high, say at a cost per visitor click of NT$100, you rank correspondingly higher with respect to other competing ads who have bids lower than yours. However, due to our daily budget limitation of NT$1,000, we can only manage to get at most ten visitor clicks. This obviously is not the most efficient bidding strategy.

  • Would it then be reasonable to say that if we bid lower, say at a CPC of NT$10 per visitor click, that we will be able to get 100 visitors within the same allocated budget? This is a simplistic assumption because when your ads are placed low in the search results, the click through rate, or the chance that someone will click on your ad, will correspondingly be low. Having said that, we will still have to analyze the historical daily search volume to determine the optimal bid price.

  • On the other hand, if the search volume of your keyword is very high on a certain day and we managed to deplete the daily budget of NT$1,000 before the end of the day (24h) even at the low bid price of NT$10 per click, we would have achieved our desired target of 100 visitor clicks for that day. However, the fact that we managed to deplete our daily budget even before the day runs out may also indicate that there is room for us to lower our bid price even further to obtain an even greater number of visitors at the same daily budget. Perhaps at NT$8 per click, we could have achieved 125 visitor clicks, a performance that exceeds our initial goal.

  • By understanding the daily search volumes of specific keywords and your daily budget, there is a formula that we can use to calculate the optimal daily bid price. However, manual calculation is impossible because there are a number of factors that will influence search volumes. Moreover, due to the dynamic nature of the data, constant updating and posting is necessary. On top of that, we manage thousands of keywords from a good number of customers. To manage our task in the most efficient way possible, we have over the years invested in third part advanced keyword analysing software that is developed in the US.

2) How much does it cost to run a keywords advertising campaign?

  • In general, there is no upper or lower limits on your advertising budget. However, the success of your advertising efforts will depends a lot on the size of your budget amongst other factors. Whenever a visitor clicks on your ad, the amount that is deducted from your (or our) account will depend upon the cost per click bid that we are willing to set for that keyword or keyword phrase. The higher your bid, the higher your ad will rank in the search results and the higher will be your click through rate (The percentage chance that a visitor will click on your ad). A high bid price together with a high click through rate will increase your total cost exponentially. Bidding high is not always our strategy because we define optimization as achieving the maximum number of visitors within a given budget.

  • Competing companies and advertisers who bid for the same keywords or keyword phrases have an impact on your ranking in the search results. When you target your ad internationally using English keywords, we are competing with companies both big and small throughout the world. For popular keywords, the CPC (Cost Per Click) could easily exceed NT$100, beyond the budget of the average advertiser. To achieve a maximum number of visitors within our customers' budget, our strategy is to combine the total search volume of different search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing and more) for your selected keywords. With a high overall search volume, we can bid lower and still achieve a high click through rate.

3) What kind of website traffic and visitor reports do you provide?

The reports below are for your reference. Reports are in pdf format, and will be automatically emailed to you by our keyword management system on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis based on our settings. Upon signing up, we will provide you with a website tracking code so that reports can be generated.

Countries and Cities          Website Traffic from Different Search Engines

Countries and Keywords    New vs Returning Visitors 

4) What is the difference between working with you and working directly with the search engine companies? 

The more you spend on your click charges, the more the search engine companies will be making. This, we think, is a conflict of interest. Whether our customers spent more or less on their click charges makes no difference to our company's income because we work with our customers based on a fixed lump sum contract. The main focus of our operation is on how we can obtain the highest returns for our customers based on their advertising budget, and to do it in the most efficient way. 

We cite an example as an illustration. Take for example, that you are a tour agency targeting vacation markets in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. According to our recommendations and our keywords settings, we will never display your advertisement for search terms "Singapore", "Malaysia" and "Thailand" because people who search using keywords as such are likely to be students or those who are just looking for information pertaining to those countries. Each time somebody clicks on your advertisement, the click charges will be deducted from your account or your credit card. Choosing the wrong keywords will significantly increase your advertising expenses unnecessarily. However, from the perspective of most search engines companies, anything that helps to increase their bottom line profitability can't be all that bad. 

Back to the above example, our suggested keywords would be "Singapore vacation", "Malaysia Vacation" and other similarly targeted keywords. Since we work based on a fixed sum contract with our customers, our foremost priority is to help our customers to utilize their budget in the most efficient way to get the highest returns. To realize our goals, we combine our years of experience with the search management platforms of all the major search engines with advanced third party keywords bidding and ranking analysis software. Our powerful software performs the task of keyword suggestions, optimized bidding processes, as well as the utilization of historical search data pertaining to each set of keywords, for each particular day of the week, to determine the bid price that will result in the maximum number of clicks for a specific day of the week, for a specific budget. 

The success of your keywords advertising efforts depends not only on the size of your budget, but more on how your advertising agency utilizes advanced third party keyword analysis software, takes advantage of a wider search audience by offering a combination of different search platforms, and overcome their language barriers which can be significant if we were to do a meaningful analysis of keyword data derived from the use such software.

5) What is the difference between working with you and working with other keywords advertising agencies?

  • Most advertising agencies charge you a management fee based on 20 percent of your click charges. That means to say that the more you spent on visitor clicks, the more income the advertising agencies will generate. This again, is a conflict of interest because the focus may then be helping you to spend more regardless of whether the expense is justified. We work on the basis of a fixed amount contact and our main objective is to manage your ad in the most efficient manner to achieve the highest returns based on your existing budget.

  • We offer more search engine platforms than any other advertising agencies (Google, Yahoo and Bing). Besides English, we also manage keywords in Chinese, Russian and Spanish. Combined search platforms and the utilization of different language keywords allows your ads to be distributed to a wider search audience. This is a powerful strategy for the penetration of new markets.

  • Keyword tools and software can offer a great number of keyword suggestions and ideas. However, trying to make sense of the raw data and performing a meaningful keyword analysis with such software requires that your advertising agency has a strong understanding of specific terminology of key industries. We are well positioned to take on this task because years of industry experience is one of our strongest competitive advantage.



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